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Do you require real estate acquisition, relocation, property management or

right-of-way services from an organization you can trust?

ARROW Land Solutions uses a "hands on" management technique implemented by the principal members of our team to create an efficient working environment for each project. Team leaders are assigned as project managers based on our areas of expertise and your project needs. These team leaders oversee every project and keep all team members on the same page from planning through completion. 

Featured Projects

S.R. 6011 Section 273, Harrison Avenue, Lackawanna County Acquisitions– District 4
  • Attended Public Meeting to provide General Information about Acquisition and Relocation.

  • Major Bridge Replacement Project in the Gateway to the City of Scranton. 

  • 15 claims including 3 Residential Owner Occupants, Business Absentee Owner, Railroad, City Park and a University. 

  • Completed Negotiations and Relocation Activities, condemnation support, post construction outreach for additional claims, construction damage negotiations and post construction cleanup access for the contractor. 

S.R. 0070 Section Q10, New Stanton Interchange, Acquisitions – District 12
  • Involved in preliminary design services, which included deed & title research, design field views, raw plan development, appraisal planning, conceptual stage survey, final plan check, and property owner outreach meetings.

  • Major interstate-highway interchange-realignment project.

  • 51 Claims including residential owner-occupant, business owner-occupant, business tenant-occupant, business absentee-owner, moving cost-only, and off-premise outdoor advertising device claims.

  • Involved right-of-way negotiations, relocation assistance, condemnation activities, and continued public involvement sessions.

  • Clearance obtained on time. 

Additional Projects

S.R. 0219 Section 229, Clearfield County – District 2

  • Road widening with a turning lane due to traffic congestion, drainage improvements, a small bridge replacement, demolition of two businesses, several signs and a shed. 

  • 45 affected parcels included 2 Business Absentee Owners, 1 Business Tenant Occupant and 7 Residential Tenant Relocations. 

  • Several of the residential tenant occupants required Housing of Last Resort, handicapped-accessible housing and Section 8 housing.

S.R. 7046 Section 135, Arcola Road, Montgomery County

  • Bridge replacement project.

  • Responsible for acquisition and oversight of this 6-claim project. 

  • Regularly attended the Montgomery County Transportation Authority monthly meetings to review the project status, provide board members with details regarding the negotiations for each claim. 

  • Ensure the Montgomery County Transportation Authority is aware of all requirements and regulations set forth in Penn DOT Publication 378 to ensure reimbursement upon final ROW clearance.

  • Completed the project nearly one year ahead of schedule due to the closure of the bridge due to deficiencies.

Pilot Bridge Bundling Program, Luzerne County – District 4

  • Special pilot project conducted in 3 counties with the primary focus being to shorten or streamline LPA bridge projects. (Luzerne County only one with ROW)

  • LPA temporarily turned over 10 bridges to PENNDOT for entire design and construction program

  • 26 Claims due to 7 bridge replacements and 3 bridge removals on this Top 5 Project. 

  • Acquisition process completed in less than 6 months, including condemnations of non-locatable owners

  • Project completed under budget.

S.R. 0202 Section 65s, 61s and 65n, Montgomery County – District 6

  • Road widening, bridge replacement, drainage enhancements,
    traffic improvements and intersection adjustments. 

  • 182 Acquisitions, 2 Business Relocations, 5 Deed of Dedications
    and 35 Outdoor Advertising Devices(OADs)

P3 Early Completion Bridges – District 4 & 5


  • D4 Early Bridges – 30 claims involving 10 bridges.

  • D5 Early Bridges - 41 claims involving 15 bridges

  • Projects located throughout 4 counties in District 4-0 and Montgomery County in District 5-0

  • All Acquisition & Condemnations completed within 9 months of Receipt of Offers and Final Plans

S.R. 61 Section 16s, Berks County – District 5


  • Widening of SR 0061-16s, a portion of a busy commercial corridor just outside Reading

  • 22 Acquisitions

  • Acquisition from a cemetery involving a large stone monument/gateway and realignment of the entrance

  • Many Spanish-speaking claimants including a Church run by a Spanish-only speaking Pastor

  • All claims acquired amicably (with only 4 administrative settlements) except for one Declaration of Taking due to a foreclosure/sheriff's sale

  • Had to deal with 4 claimants who had just recently been claimants on the widening of the section of SR 0061 to the north of this section.

  • Completed on time and within budget.

I95 Part 1 (BSR), Philadelphia, PA District 6


  • Right-of-Way Acquisition Services

  • 15 Residential Relocations/38 Full Title Searches

  • Right-of-Way Acquisition Services for I95 Reconstruction – Teamed with IAS for Acquisition

  • 15 Residential Relocations including the relocation of a Section 8 residential tenant, non-English speaking relocates, and properties in foreclosure. 

  • Provided title and settlement services for all parcels including 38 Full Title Searches and 27 closings for I-95 between ARROW and IAS

S.R. 83 Section 43, I-83 Early Action Project, Dauphin County – District 8


  • 23 acquisitions and 1 Residential Relocation

  • 1 Adverse Interest Act Claim

  • Several unknown owner claims

  • Several complex business acquisitions including on-premise OAD's and a large encroaching OAD

  • Region 3 Right of Way Acquisition services contract 

S.R. 2001 Section 401 & 402, Pike County District 4


  • Road widening, realignment and drainage including elimination of several dangerous curves

  • Total of 245 acquisitions and 32 relocations including residential owner occupants, residential absentee owners, residential tenant occupants and business absentee owners

  • Relocations included 24 relocations via gap plan, as well as 8 residential relocations including a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and 7 qualifying for Housing of Last Resort

  • Negotiations with the National Park Service for land mitigation

  • Facilitated demolition contract for 20 structures

SMECO's Southern Maryland Reliability Project


  • An upgrade which replaced 30 miles of an existing dual circuit 69kV transmission line with a quad circuit 230kV transmission line. 

  • The majority of the Project took place in existing SMECO easements. 

  • ARROW worked closely with SMECO and their engineering consultants during planning, construction and restoration over a 4 year period to limit the disturbance to neighboring land owners as much as possible. 

  • This was done through the development and execution of a Land Owner Communication Plan completed specifically for this Project. 

  • Over 350 individual land owners were contacted and all issues and complaints were managed by ARROW. Which limited disturbances to the overall Project and assisted in maintain a positive Public Relations campaign. 

  • ARROW obtained 15 temporary easements for construction yards and access roads.  Along with several permanent easements necessary for the installation and maintenance of the new 230kV line. 

S.R. 0441 Section 012, Columbia Bypass – District 8


  • Project relocated SR 0441 from a meandering route through downtown Columbia to a direct bypass to divert heavy truck traffic that was causing congestion and foundation damage to structures

  • March 2012 – November 2013

  • 17 acquisitions and 2 business relocations

  • PUC appropriation of multiple at-grade crossings and non-crossing railroad property

  • Employed donation procedures of required right-of-way for several Borough parcels

  • Complicated acquisitions from businesses – access issues due to right-of-way takes and new traffic patterns

  • Dealt with several acquisitions of unknown and unelectable owners

  • Clearance obtained within the allotted timeframe

Homer City North – SR0119 Section 498 – District 10


  • Road safety improvements, eliminating access roads and adding a connection. 

  • Project included 34 acquisitions involving CSX Transportation Inc. in additional to Texas Oklahoma Railroad Company. 

  • Also included two residential and two business relocations including a petroleum sales business

  • Road safety improvements, eliminating access roads and adding a connection. 

Hardee's Road Construction
S.R. 0008 Section A32, Hardee's Road Intersection Improvement, Allegheny County – District 11


  • 16 acquisition claims

  • Design-build project, partnered with Frank J. Zottola Construction

  • Intersection expansion project featuring the addition of turning lanes in each direction in a heavily-traveled suburban commercial corridor adjacent to a PA Turnpike interchange

  • Acquisitions included a mix of residential and commercial properties, including an office complex, bank, restaurant, church, convenience store/gas station, and two small shopping centers

  • Resolved complex title issues including a condominium association and a claim where ownership was a term estate for years, which also resulted in negotiations with a remainder estate.

  • 11 properties acquired amicably and 5 by Declaration of Taking

  • (Interstate Acquisition Services) IAS was subcontractor who facilitated the fee appraisals, including generating APAs and soliciting.  

Monroe Energy Eddystone-Trainer Pipeline Project


  • Assisted Weston Solutions, the design engineers, in obtaining title information and maps to complete the mosaic map of the proposed pipeline project

  • Researched and determined all property owners along the proposed pipeline routes

  • Negotiated with 136 properties to obtain permission to survey for Weston Solutions

  • Negotiations included negotiating with the city of Chester and large companies such as Kimberly-Clark

  • ARROW was able to secure permission to survey with 94 properties and all permissions were acquired within 3 months

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