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Acquisition of real estate and right-of-way is the signature service provided by ARROW Land Solutions. ARROW delivers reliable real estate solutions for both public and private agencies with or without the power of Eminent Domain. Our numerous combined years of project and industry experience make our seasoned staff ready to complete your project on time and within budget.

From preliminary property investigations, public relations and title services to appraisals, acquisitions, and relocation and condemnation, the ARROW team's knowledge and background in the Uniform Act and Eminent Domain Code make us a valuable member of your right-of-way acquisition team. As a certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), we can assist clients in meeting any DBE participation goals without farming out any work they prefer to keep in-house.

Preliminary Design Services

Preliminary Design Servies

Right-of-Way plan development is a critical path element of any roadway or bridge improvement project. Recent changes outlined in S.O.L. 482-15-10 state, in part, the District Right-of-Way staff will no longer be responsible for reviewing Final Right-of-Way plans. They will be available for consultation during plan development, but once a final, signed and sealed plan is delivered, they are expected to begin acquiring right-of-way immediately. Accuracy of a right-of-way plan at the outset of final design is therefore of paramount importance.

If a plan does not meet Quality Requirements, the Design Error Process may be pursued.

By involving ARROW Land Solutions early in Preliminary Design, your firm can avoid costly delays. Our involvement in Preliminary Design makes for a much smoother transition into the Final Design and ROW Acquisition phases. ARROW can provide the following services in Preliminary Design:

Title Investigation

Obtain deeds, tax maps, utility and right-of-way easements, subdivision plans, and leases. Assist with larger-parcel determinations.

Attend Scoping and Design Field Views

This provides the opportunity for a team discussion of the project's impacts to real property. By involving ARROW's staff, your Design Team gains a right-of-way perspective, enabling them to spot potential acquisition concerns so that they can be addressed early in the design process.

Attend Public Meetings

Having ARROW's staff available ensures that all discussions of any potential entitlements or benefits are presented in accordance with the Department's Right-of-Way Manual and Strike-Off letters, the Pennsylvania Eminent Domain Code, and the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970.

Right-of-Way Plan Review

As right-of-way professionals, ARROW's staff can provide technical guidance to eliminate potential plan errors early in the design process, enabling more efficient design. Plan review services that ARROW offers include:


  • Contact property owners to verify ownership, and to ensure proper location of property lines, well and septic systems, and site improvements.

  • Review and comment on preliminary right-of-way plans

  • Identify larger-parcel issues

  • Coordinate Plan Consultations with District R/W staff

  • Photograph affected parcels to establish the "before" condition of the property.

Conceptual Stage Survey and Report

Collect pertinent data for inclusion in the conceptual stage report and uncover any easily recognized relocation problems.


Some tasks typically associated with Right-of-Way Acquisition and the Final Design Phase can be initiated in the Preliminary Design Phase if the District is comfortable with the current plan. 


Appraisal Planning

ARROW's experienced Appraisal staff can suggest appraisal types for District review, prepare draft Appraisal Problem Analyses, and prepare Waiver Evaluations.

Establishment of Individual Right-of-Way Claims

ARROW can set up individual parcels and establish claims within PennDOT's Right-of-Way Office database and can begin preliminary preparation of right-of-way claim forms such as the Notice of Acquisition.

Acquisition Services

Acquisition Services

Acquisition of real estate and right-of-way via eminent domain is the signature service provided by ARROW Land Solutions. ARROW provides reliable real estate solutions for public agencies, including acquiring property rights, through both amicable settlement and condemnation. We consider ourselves an extension of our client's staff.

ARROW's staff is capable of handling any size project, and completing it on time and within budget. Some of our services include:

  • preliminary project field views

  • coordinating and facilitating project kickoff meetings, and holding regular status meetings with clients

  • facilitating resolution of plan design, legal, and claimant issues

  • electronic and physical claimant file set-up

  • presentation, document preparation, claim negotiation and amicable settlements

  • deed and right-of-way plan recording

  • condemnation preparation, filing and service

  • litigation support and testimony

  • post-condemnation support and settlement services

  • maintenance of project budgets and timelines

  • quality assurance/quality control review every step of the way 


ARROW has completed acquisitions for capacity-adding, bridge-replacement, utility easement-acquisition, intersection-realignment, and road-rehabilitation projects. Some of the clients we have helped include state, county and municipal organizations, engineering firms, and both public and private sector utility companies.

Right of Way

When dealing with either property affected or property owners, our skilled right-of-way agents provide front line services to supporting project managers and right-of-way agents as part of ARROW's quality assurance team. This group ensures all paperwork is completed properly and the projects flow smoothly, saving time, effort and money for our clients. From the simple rural bridge to the major urban arterial highway, ARROW's team of experts has the experience to handle all of your right-of-way needs.

Real Estate

ARROW is committed to providing you with quality real estate solutions. Our acquisition services are spearheaded by a dedicated team of project managers who serve as direct liaisons to clients. We take care of all your logistics needs and oversee project functions.



ARROW Land Solutions' Appraisal Staff is dedicated to delivering quality appraisal and appraisal review services. Our staff of generally-certified appraisers has over 70 years of experience in a variety of expertise areas, including eminent domain real estate appraising, holding past positions with PennDOT as district staff, chief and review appraisers. Team members are certified in Pennsylvania and have performed work for clients including PennDOT, local public agencies, various municipalities and private-sector clients including banks, mortgage companies, attorneys and private citizens. 

ARROW's Appraisal Team follow industry standards, including the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice (USPAP) as well as all federal, state and local eminent domain statutes. 

Our Appraisal Services Include:


  • Providing valuations and fee appraisal reports for residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial properties

  • Preparation of appraisal problem analysis

  • Project site, right-of-way plan, and appraisal scope reviews

  • Preparation of appraisal waiver valuations for small-damage claims

  • Research and preparation of comprehensive market facts and data books

  • Facilitation of independent fee appraisal contracting and bid package preparation

  • Appraisal review services

  • Expert witness testimony

Arrow Information Management

Arrow Informaton Managemen

ARROW Information Management uses technology to improve customer project management.

With ARROW Information Management, or AIM, ARROW takes another step forward in cutting edge project management. Our team has been known for our management process that streamlines professional acquisition and relocation services. Since then, we have taken every step to customize our solutions to meet our client's needs, create greater efficiency of delivery, and build uniformity in ARROW's management style.

ARROW recognizes that technology is an integral part of your success and our growth, and we continue to invest in our Information Technology infrastructure and in-depth user training to offer better solutions for our customers.

What helps set us apart? AIM, our customized management system, is used to guide our agents and managers through the process of project delivery. AIM was built using ARROW's experience with thousands of acquisition and relocation projects over the years.

ARROW leverages the latest technology to manage project data, documentation, milestones, fiscal management, workload management and progress reporting. AIM is ARROW's dedicated, online system that was developed by our team of experts from the ground-up.

Projects managed by ARROW follow a detailed process. All project-related data is captured and loaded into AIM, then organized in a logical way for the entire project team to access. This enables team members to easily update the information, track the progress of projects, and share current, up-to-date information with everyone involved.

Thanks to this approach, dynamic needs of complex projects can be easily accommodated by involving additional resources from various expertise and ARROW locations.

Interested in having ARROW manage a project? ARROW's management team will eagerly meet with you to discuss how AIM can produce customized reports and thorough tracking for all of your project needs.

Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Relocation assistance is an integral service provided by ARROW Land Solutions to occupants displaced by Eminent Domain. ARROW works closely with owner and tenant occupants to ensure that their relocation occurs as smoothly as possible while adhering to both state and federal regulations.

Regular communication with occupants and clients ensures that all facets of the relocation are completed in a timely and orderly fashion, within project timelines and budget requirements.

Residential Relocations

Residential relocations can be quite complex. Our team of experienced agents assures displaced occupants that their relocation will go smoothly and ensure that all residential occupants have a successful relocation experience. Some of our residential assistance services include:


  • Pre-acquisition interviews and pre-acquisition report preparation

  • Relocation advisory assistance

  • Residential real estate market availability searches

  • Section 8 housing searches

  • Replacement housing and rent supplement computations, including housing of last resort

  • Obtaining commercial moving cost estimates and preparation of moving cost payment

  • Exterior and interior decent; safe and sanitary inspection

  • Processing of relocation applications and payments

  • Property management of vacated dwellings


Business Relocations

Business and non-residential relocations are often the most complex, challenging and labor-intensive types of relocation. Whether helping businesses find a replacement site to continue operation, or to facilitate the termination of its operation, ARROW is capable of handling all aspects of the intricate business relocation process while adhering to both state and federal regulations and guidelines.

In addition to the service listed under residential relocations our business relocation assistance service also includes:


  • Non-residential real estate market availability searches

  • Search cost estimate review

  • Reestablishment expense calculation

  • Dislocation damage calculations

  • Machinery, equipment and personal property inventory recording and documentation

  • Facilitation of the disposition or auction of purchased good and equipment

  • Preparation of moving cost trainings, when necessary.

Title Abstracting & Settlements

Title Abstracting & Settlements

ARROW facilitates reliable and timely title and closing services throughout Pennsylvania. From the simple current owner search to the most complicated tasks, our experienced staff is dedicated to handling the title needs of any size project, delivering the highest-quality on time and within budget.

We have completed title abstracting for various federal, state, county and municipal governments as well as engineering firms and utility companies. Whether you require a standard title report or something customized, ARROW can meet all of your title needs.

ARROW maintains a closing service for large, complex or deferred payments which helps streamline the payment process, resulting in a transfer of clear title and reducing both paperwork and the possibility of payment errors. This type of closing service is especially popular among our government clients.

Some of our title and settlement services include:


  • Current-owner and 21-year searches

  • Full 60-year searches

  • Bring downs

  • Preliminary property ownership investigation

  • Title examination

  • Bankruptcy searches

  • Mortgage and lien searches

  • Tax assessment information and maps

  • Adjacent owner listings

  • Tax certifications

  • UCC filing statements

  • Document preparation

  • Full recording services

  • Deed plotting

  • Escrow account maintenance

  • Closing services

Property Mgmt./Asbestos Inspection

Property Mgmt./Asbestos Inspecton

Property Management is an important part of what we do at ARROW. Our expert staff includes a contractor, many subcontractors and a pair of on-staff certified asbestos inspectors. Prior to the acquisition of any building, we can prepare an inventory of improvements. Also, we inspect properties after they have been vacated to verify that the improvements listed on the inventory remain in place and notify the client of any missing items.

Once any acquired buildings are vacated, we can verify that the utility services have all been discontinued and that the meters have been removed.

ARROW also coordinates the disposal of any marketable goods remaining in vacated properties. ARROW has the capability to offer boarding and sealing, or can facilitate preparing the necessary estimates and bidding documents for boarding and sealing contracts in compliance with procedures. ARROW also can initiate all advertising and solicitation for boarding and sealing contracts, and then conduct the bid opening followed by providing all necessary documentation.

ARROW initiates and prepares all necessary documents for contracting property maintenance post-acquisition, such as lawn care, shrub trimming, litter cleanup, and snow removal. ARROW can also initiate and prepare all necessary documents for contracting the demolition or removal of structures.

ARROW inspects acquired buildings weekly for any unauthorized entry, unsafe exterior conditions, or necessary maintenance. We can perform these functions or when requested, provide the necessary coordination to obtain these services.

Our certified asbestos inspectors are authorized to inspect and identify potential asbestos-containing materials, take the appropriate samples, send them for testing and assess the risks. After results are turned to ARROW, our inspectors can supply official reports identifying the risks of asbestos and recommend abatement methods for the client.

Pipeline & Utility Services

Pipeline & Utility Services

Are you a public or private utility company? Do you have a need for any real estate or title services? If so, ARROW Land Solutions is your answer. We have a proven track record providing a variety of right-of-way and real estate services to many pipeline and utility companies.

Whether you require courthouse research, route planning services, right-of-way acquisition for utility or pipeline routes, liaison services with property owners or staging areas for construction, ARROW has a staff ready to assist you with your pipeline and utility services. Our staff becomes an extension of your business, providing any necessary services to help you complete your utility project on time and within budget.

Some of our pipeline and utility services include:


  • Right-of-way acquisition, aerial easements, parking, access and temporary construction areas

  • Preliminary field view

  • Right-of-way plan review

  • Title review for each property owner

  • Utility route planning for non-eminent-domain projects

  • Deed plotting

  • File setup and maintenance for individual properties

  • Recreation and rail trail planning and acquisitions

  • Weekly status reporting

  • Coordination of resolution for plan design, legal and property owner issues

  • Offer presentation, document preparation, claim negotiations, and amicable settlements

  • Condemnation document preparation, filing, and service (if condemnation is an option)

  • Litigation support and testimony

  • Post-condemnation support services (If condemnation is an option)

  • Tracking of project budgets and timelines


Arrow has completed projects for a number of clients, including:


  • Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO)

  • T.W. Phillips Pipeline Corp.

  • Columbia Gas

  • Phillips Exploration

  • PC Exploration

  • Areva

  • Delcora

  • Penelec

  • Halcon Resources

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