Company Profile

ARROW Land Solutions, LLC, ("ARROW"), a woman-owned business that provides high-quality client service for both public and private real estate projects, has become one of the most sought-after real estate acquisition, relocation, and property management firms in the state of Pennsylvania.

ARROW has completed numerous acquisitions, residential relocations and business relocations -- in addition to appraisal services -- within the State of Pennsylvania since 2000. ARROW follows guidelines established by the Uniform Relocation Act and has built a reputation as one of the most-respected firms in the state through a dedication to accuracy, proficiency, timeliness, and reliability. 


Our mission is a continual journey to improve quality, understanding, enthusiasm, service, and teamwork in all levels of ARROW Land Solutions, LLC, by providing an open forum to achieve excellence in communication, work processes and to promote unity within the company. 


At ARROW Land Solutions, LLC, the company core values in place are the guiding principles our team uses to ensure the best service for our clients and consultants. The ARROW team will provide such quality service by: 

  • Respecting each other’s opinions

  • Operating within a positive and professional environment

  • Focusing on our clients, address and satisfy both internal and external needs, while never losing sight of the value of humor

  • Striving for personal and professional excellence

  • Understanding the value of teamwork

Our History

What do a retired ADE (Assistant District Engineer) from PennDOT,

a real estate agent working as an appraiser apprentice, a factory machinist moonlighting as a financial advisor, and a restaurant manager have in common? On the surface, not much, but those four individuals were able to blend their diverse backgrounds and skill sets to set the foundation for what is known today as ARROW Land Solutions, LLC. 

In 2000, the company started in a field office trailer with just three employees who later formed a partnership with a California right-of-way company in 2002, establishing Overland Resources Northeast, LLC. It would later merge with Pacific Relocation Consultants and Cutler & Associates, creating Overland, Pacific & Cutler (Northeast). ARROW Land Solutions, LLC was created in 2008 after acquiring the Northeast branch shares from Overland, Pacific & Cutler, Inc. Brenda Wiedman, co-founder of ARROW, obtained her Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification through PAUCP in 2010. 

ARROW endured many changes over the years that has strengthened and helped us to grow as a company. Brenda Wiedman, ushered in a new era in 2012 by announcing long-time project managers Stacey Lytle, Stephen Snyder, Andrew Salko and Donald Rossman, and ARROW's Director of Business Development, Ed Engle, as her junior partners. These new partners bring fresh ideas and over 65 years of combined experience to pave the way for ARROW's continued growth and success.